MD Exam No Rx

Proven weight loss, without the drugs

Want to lose weight while on a budget? Start losing weight for $2.25 a day. A simple commitment for a better you.

We took all the best components of our Rx programs to get you the lowest possible cost.

An advanced Diet Science Keto Jumpstart supplement, meant to get your body into fat burning mode.

A green coffee cleanse, serving as an appetite suppressant and flushing out the toxins that make you hungrier than you should be

Our nutrition tracking and calorie counting system, used by the US military to get troops into combat shape

An exercise program and platform for you to log your workouts and stay on top of your metabolism

A guarantee that if you stick to the plan for 6 months, you will lose weight or your money back.

What's included

MD Exam No Rx is our entire suite of tools for weight loss without any prescription or drug costs.

Not everyone qualifies for Rx weight loss drugs, or needs them in order to get in the best shape of their lives. So we found two natural compounds that mimic and enhance our Rx products, and we're offering them to you for a limited time.

Keto Jumpstart

Ketosis is when your body burns fats instead of sugars. This can lead to extreme weight loss, without the normal feelings of hunger or cravings.

However, getting into ketosis means you have to either fast for 40+ hours (ouch) or follow a strict diet.

Our keto jumpstart will help your body kickstart ketosis, without having to do anything extreme. Just watch the weight melt off.

Green Coffee Cleanse

What's the secret to losing weight? Eating less

But we both know that isn't easy, your metabolism is used  to certain levels of eating.

Green coffee is a proven appetite suppressant, it will help you keep the cravings in check.

Even if you keep eating your favorite foods, you will want to eat less of them, and that will help you lose weight.

"What gets measured gets managed"

Advanced Tracking

The big difference between those who lose that stubborn fat and those who keep piling on pounds?

Sticking to the plan. If you're able to stick to it, you will lose the weight, and you'll get to that dream body you've always wanted. It's all about packing the snowball tight to start, and then letting it roll.

MD Exam Track will keep you on pace to hit your goals, and help you recover if you get off track.

Meet your weight loss tools

Proven Supplements

Our doctors have extensive experience with Rx weight loss plans. They went out and sourced the strongest natural alternatives available. Now you can get 80% of the effect for 20% of the cost of an Rx plan.

Advanced Tracking

Eliminate those "ghost calories" keeping you from losing weight. MD Exam Track is used by trainers and sports medicine experts across the world. A subscription normally costs $47 per month, but it's free with our No Rx program.

Easy Exercises

After you get the minimal effective dose of exercise, the rest is just masochism. We provide a simple, easy to stick to exercise plan tailored for you. Just get your heart rate up regularly and let the program take care of the rest. 

Why No Rx works

No Rx is a powerful combination of supplements, an exercise plan, and an AI tracker.

No one weight loss technique works on its own, by stacking them together we're able to get great results for our clients.

This gave me the jumpstart I needed to finally stick to a weight loss program. I'd tried everything, but it was either too much work or just a fake magic pill. MD Exam gave me the blueprint to keep the weight off.

- Laura Kendrick, Baton Rouge, LA

Take the first step on your weight loss journey

Get a doable plan alongside proven supplements selected and sourced by our team of doctors.

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